about us

Niger Sanitary Industry Limited is a Nigerian registered premier Manufacturer of Sanitary Pads and Several other Medical Devices.
Since its debut prior to the Country’s independence, the company pride itself with highly Hygienic, Natural and Human-Friendly products generally accepted and accessible in the Nigerian markets and the West Coast. The Direct and Indirect employees of the company are well over 5000 personnel. Over the years, the Company’s operational departments have been manned by Nigerians and Expatriate staff.


Having the production capacity, personnel, quality and channels per
degree over the years, the management recently resolved for a
comprehensive expansion of product and brand lines.


With approximate reinvestments and engagement of well-motivated staffs to attain set goals the company and her workers look into the future with great optimism.


To be the Market Leader in the Production and Distribution of Quality and Affordable Sanitary Pads and Proximate Medical Devices in Nigeria and the West Coast.


To produce and Market Hygienic, Natural and Accessible Medical Devices in accordance with best Standards practices through highly motivated staffs and management, maintain valuable return on investment for our shareholders and principally uphold an ultruistic corporate social responsibility objectives and goals.

For over a decade, Niger Sanitary Industry Limited has had a stable and objective driven Management, headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) Alhaji M.R Bamisedun, a London trained Cost Accountant with over 3-decades hands on experience in FMCG Manufacturing and marketing in Nigeria and the West Coast.


The CEO of Niger Sanitary Industry Limited, during the just concluded AGM, emphasized on his drive and goals to re-position the company as the major player in the paper and pulp sub-sector of Nigerian Economy.


The Company’s major operation departments…Production, Quality
Control, Accounts, Personnel and Marketing are manned by Highly
Qualified, Mobile and Motivated Professionals well-tunned to achieving the set objectives of the company.